Recent years have seen the distinction between small and large vessels become increasingly blurred.

Large yachts may employ professional crew through manning agencies, carry paying passengers on ticket contracts, and deploy tenders, submersibles and other ancillary craft which require precise contract wordings and innovative insurance arrangements. They may also carry armed security contractors, host pubic events and require dry-docking in commercial shipyards.

Fishing fleets are becoming ever more international as stocks become scarce and quotas are traded, while shortages of crew mean that small local operators and their insurers now have to deal with contracts, employment conditions and litigation risks with a thoroughly international dimension.

The traditional yachting and pleasure craft sector continues to rely on a distinct range of skills and expertise, from in-shore navigation to chandlery, mortgages and repair costs, and yet the number and quality of legal and technical providers available to owners and insurers continues to dwindle.

Davies Johnson’s team combines first-class expertise in passenger shipping, large yachts and marine insurance, with a lifetime of working with local boat owners and fishermen in some of the UK’s busiest leisure and fishing ports.

Liability and casualty

Collision and damage to marinas and quays

Crew injury and illness claims under contract and in tort

Passenger claims and disputes under ticket conditions

Wash damage claims

Accident investigation and evidence gathering

Expert evidence on paint, engines and fittings

Disputes with equipment and service providers

Recovery of damages from hauliers and boatlifts

Contract & Commercial

Sale & purchase of large yacht, leisure and fishing craft

Crew contracts, management contracts and passenger ticket conditions

Private and flotilla charters

Insurance policy terms for ancillary craft, accessories, crew accident and extended liability