The law and procedure governing personal injury and disease suffered by employees, contractors, visitors and the general public in England & Wales has undergone significant change in recent years.

Changes to the Civil Procedure Rules in 2013 and the advent of the low-cost claims “Portal” in 2014 have altered radically the conduct and the cost personal injury and disease litigation. Meanwhile, the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) is becoming increasingly assertive and looking to recoup its costs from employers and insurers wherever possible.

Precision and diligence in protecting your position, mounting a defence, and securing the best outcome remain as important as ever.

Davies Johnson’s solicitors handle injury and disease litigation of all kinds, including HSE investigations and prosecutions, for some of the biggest operators in the marine, logistics, energy and insurance markets, and will ensure that you achieve the most satisfactory outcome available, at the most competitive cost.

Pre-action handling and investigation

Site visits, statements and document collation

Acknowledgement, handling and resolution of pre-action claims

Advice on liability, quantum, tactics, risks and opportunities at the pre-action stage

Litigated claims

Registration and management of claims within the Portal where eligible

Disclosure, experts and witness evidence where liability is in issue

Briefing Counsel and attending Hearings and Case Management Conferences

Defence of claims to trial, mediation or arbitration where required

Negotiation of claimant costs and assessment of costs in Court

Handling and appeal of liabilities to refund the Department of Work & Pensions